Butter Highlights

     Butter Highlights

     Report 45 - Released on November 8, 2019

     Butter production is generally ongoing in the Central and West regions as cream volumes are
     becoming more available for churning. In the East, production is less active as holiday
     cream commitments such as eggnog, cream cheese, whips, and dips, limit churning in some
     plants across the region. Nationwide, print/bulk butter orders for the upcoming holidays are
     reported as fair to good. Inquiries for Q1 and Q2 contracts continue to come on across the
     country. This week, bulk butter pricing varies by regions: East, 5.0 cents to 8.0 cents over
     the market; Central, 1.0 cent to 3.5 cents above the market; West, 5.5 cents under to 7.5
     cents over the market, with various periods and averages used. Today, the Grade AA butter
     price at the CME Group closed at $2.0375, down $0.0425 from last Friday.

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